I hate having sex while on my period. I'll take a quick fuck toward the end, but otherwise I'm too squeamish over the sight of my own blood. There's nothing worse than riding him with wild abandon, climaxing, and then looking down to discover that he is covered in blood. Horrifying.

He isn't uncomfortable with my period at all. He talks about it like it's the weather, all, "Oh, how is it today?" while I'd prefer to never mention it again. I can't even tell him that my period has started in a direct manner. With all of the guys out there who are disgusted by this particular function of women's bodies, I get the one who doesn't care. Unfortunately, I found out recently exactly how much he doesn't care.

He woke me up with his hands all over me. He was hard already and pressing against me. He slid down my body and started tugging my panties from my hips.

"No...I...," I stammered. I couldn't get the words out. Usually I'm a very well-spoken person, but his power over me steals all of my words.

"I know, Kitten. Now lift your hips," and he pulled my panties off of me. I kept me legs closed tightly together, but he just put his hand between my knees and pushed them apart. He was laying with his face about 12 inches from my pussy, getting that close-up view of me that he loves.

"Is this what you didn't want me to see? The string?," he said slowly in his most patronizing voice. Then he tugged softly on the string. I closed my eyes tightly and put my hands in front of my face. I was mortified. I nodded and whimpered.

"I see the string of your tampon. Does that make you nervous that I'm pulling on it like this?" I nodded some more, clutching my hands to my face in hopes of making this all go away.

"Touch your pussy for me, Kitten," he moaned as he bit into the sensitive flesh of my inner thighs. I cried out in pain as he continued biting me. I reluctantly removed my right hand from my face and started slowly rubbing my clit.

"Look how wet your little pussy is. Are you embarassed? Does that make you wet?" I started moaning, partly from embarrassment and mostly from the pressure of my fingers on my clit. He started pulling on the string again, making me squirm and I turned my face away from him. "Look at that, you're getting even wetter. I can see your pussy dripping." I kept rubbing my clit until I came hard with shuddering gasps.

"I think you want to get fucked right now, don't you?" He was right. I did want him inside me, if only to stop him from torturing me with my tampon, but mostly because I needed to obey him. I didn't care if there was blood as long as he thought I was a good girl for him.

He told me to go take my tampon out and I was momentarily relieved when it seemed like he was going to let me go to the bathroom to do it. But I was flabbergasted when he followed me into the bathroom and held me by the hair, urging me to take it out while he was standing there. I closed my eyes and removed it, trying not to look at it or him. I was certain that I was about to melt into the floor from shame.

After I washed my hands, he brought me back over to be the bed and bent me forward at the waist. I tried to keep my hands flat on the bed as he fucked me from behind. He came hard inside me, pushing me down onto the bed underneath him.

"Are you my shy little girl?"


"I love that you're shy for me. And I love how wet it makes you."

I smiled underneath him, feeling his cum seeping out between my pussy lips.


tex said...

Very nice Kitten,
Thanks for sharing your need for being owned even while you are being embarrased. Tex

SongsAbout said...

His narration is so hot :)
I personally don't mind my period at all-my wetness washes it away anyway.
Luckily Bear doesn't either ;) One time I accidently squirted it all up his chest. It was found amusing :)
Still, I'd rather take a man who doesn't mind it over one who does!!

Kitten said...

Tex - He loves the embarrassment. I get in this crazy cycle where I am embarrassed and that turns me on, then I'm ashamed at being turned on by being embarrassed and THAT turns me on...
It is never-ending.

Songs - He is quite the talker. And yes, he does say the hottest things :-)