He doesn't usually call me nasty names, although I do like it. There's nothing like being called a slut to get me going. I've tried to work through exactly why that name turns me on but it's still pretty murky. I'm sure that it has something to do with the appearance of propriety that was so strongly drilled into me as a child and the secret wantonness that I knew lurked beneath the surface. And although He usually likes me meek and pliant, he sometimes uses that epitaph to bring out a whole other side of me.

He was reclined on the bed and I was crouched between his legs with his cock in my mouth. He had just carried me there from the living room, where I had been kneeling in front of him. He knew that I was already very aroused. I had told him that the wetness from my pussy was running down my legs while I was kneeling.

"Is your pussy still very wet for me, Kitten? Feel it for me," he coaxed. I slid my left hand down between my legs and felt how wet I still was. "Are you my little slut tonight? Show me what a little slut does." I paused for a second, unsure about how to proceed. He wasn't giving me a direct order. He was challenging me to be creative. I didn't want to make a misstep here. After a moment, I took my mouth off his cock and smeared my wet fingers all over the head so he could feel how wet I was. Then I slid my tongue over the head and tasted myself on him.

"Take my cock deeper. Is that the best you can do?," he dared me. "Is that as dirty as you can be, slut? I want to see how kinky you are." Oh my god, what did he want me to do? I sucked on his cock harder, with more intensity, but he persisted. "Is that the best you can do?"

I whimpered in protest. Then I realized what I could do. I touched my pussy with my right index finger to make it slippery wet, then I slowly moved it toward his ass. I fingered his asshole for a moment, waiting to hear his reaction. When he moaned, I slid my finger in slowly.

"Oh, you are a dirty little slut. Are you my dirty slut?," he gasped with his head thrown back. I nodded with his cock in my mouth, working it with my tongue as I wiggled my finger inside of him. I pushed it in as far as it would go and then pulled it almost all of the way out, making him cry out in pleasure.

"Is that how it feels with my finger in your ass?," he asked once he caught his breath. "What about the beads?," he asked when I nodded. "What about them?," I asked after a moment. "Be a good little slut and show me what they feel like."

I retrieved them quickly, along with the lube. I paused with the first bead right by his asshole. "Are you sure?," I wondered, unsure if this was a trick. "Yes, I'm sure. Now be a good little slut for me." I slid the beads in one by one, pushing each bead in deep to make room for the next one. He writhed on the bed as I licked his balls in between sliding the beads into him.

When the beads were in place, I crept up his body and kissed him deeply on the mouth. " good little slut...," he moaned and sighed as I straddled him, positioning his cock between my legs. "Yes, be my little whore and fuck me, now," he pleaded. I smiled to myself and lowered my hips onto him.

I started riding him slowly, listening to him groan beneath me. I reached behind me and tugged softly on the string. He squirmed in anticipation and discomfort. I know the feeling well - he tortures me by pulling on the string of the beads all the time.

"Come on my cock, Kitten. I want to feel your pussy drip all over me." I rode him harder, faster, feeling the orgasm building in me. He was below me, but I think his mind was somewhere else. He was lost in the intensity of the feeling. He had his head thrown back and he was moaning my name over and over.

I was ready to lose it and come all over him. I looked down and saw myself riding him, my breasts rising and falling in time with my thrusts. I felt powerful beyond belief - not the kind of power that comes with control like he has over me, but power that comes with intense knowledge of one's own sexuality. I had done this to him with my mouth and my fingers and my hips. I had brought him to this amazing place of overwhelming pleasure with my eyes and my skin and my tongue.

I started to come, the orgasm rolling through my body like an unstoppable force. As the waves washed over me and I arched my back, I started pulling out the beads. He made a primal animal noise to match my own and, as the last beads fell free from his body, I asked him with a smirk, "Who's your little slut now?"


Tex said...

Oh that was soooo good Kitten,
I must admit that I get hard just reading your posts. I think that you are a very beautiful slut.

SongsAbout said...

Wow, it was like you were in charge that time! ;)

Kitten said...

It was such a fun experience! But have no doubt - he was in charge and everything was for his pleasure.


Anonymous said...

Reading your blog is weird because it's like reading about my own experiences, your boyfriend's narative and your reactions! - sometimes its like remembering (very simular) things that have happened.
well, not that last post ha.

Pixiepie said...

wonderful kitten!

HisGirl said...

Awesome Kitten. i bet that was fun for you! Great post.

MJ's Slave said...


that was HOT HOT HOT!!!


Great post!


Kinky Aoefe said...

ooooh I loved it! Just discovered you today, through another site - can't remember I'm too foggy from reading your posts.