Him: Mm i've got such fun ideas for a new toy for you
kitten: Oh yeah?
Him: Yes. I already know one thing i am getting you
kitten: Please tell me!
Him: No. You have to wait like a good girl
kitten: Please?
Him: Trust me it will be worth the wait.
kitten: *pouts*
Him: Patience
Him: In the meantime i want you to cum for me when you get home tonight
Him: Got it? Right to your bed. Panties off and then call me
kitten: Yes sir.
Him: Good. I want you to taste your pussy on your fingers while I listen


Tex said...

OH, I can't wait either Kitten,
Maybe some restraining device? You are such a good girl, you deserve treats.

Kitten said...

Tex - Unfortunately for me, I think he toy will be of the butt plug variety. Not exactly a treat...more of a torture device ;-)