"What if I told you that I have been writing a blog about us?," I asked shyly as I lay next to him.

"Have you been?," he asked evenly. "For how long?"

"Maybe...for a couple of weeks," I admitted. He took my hand and put it on his cock, which was growing harder. I thought he was trying to tell me that the writing turned him on.

"Do you write about how much you love this cock?," he inquired.


"About how much you love to suck it, how hungry you are for it?" He pushed my head down on it and I nodded yes.

"About how I give you exactly what you need?" I nodded and moaned onto his cock. He gathered my long hair into his hands to direct my head up and down his shaft. Suddenly, he yanked my head up by the hair so he could look me in the eyes. He slapped me hard across the face.

"Why didn't you tell me you were doing that?," he yelled, smacking me again and again before I could respond. "Why didn't you tell me?" He shook me and I stammered, "I don't know."

He pushed my head down violently on his cock and held me there until I gagged, then he pulled my head back up by the hair so he could look me in the eyes.

"You don't keep secrets from me, do you understand that?," he demanded, shaking my head by his grip on my hair.

"Yes," I wailed. I was miserable. I had disappointed him and now he was angry. I started sobbing.

"You should have told me," and he smacked me again. I was sobbing, trying to look away, but he held my head in place. "You should have told me." He watched me, let me sob pathetically. All I could do was say "I'm sorry" over and over again. But I don't think he cared if I was sorry, or if I had an explanation.

"Once you stop crying, put my cock back in your mouth." I calmed down and he pushed my head back down.

After a moment, he dragged me by my hair to the place on the bed next to him. He leaned over me and put his hand on my neck, holding my face up so that I could only see him out of the corner of my eye. He put his face right up to the side of my mine and growled in my ear, "You don't keep secrets from me, Kitten. I guess you haven't learned that lesson yet, have you?" He tightened his grip on my neck so I couldn't respond or nod my head. He wasn't waiting for me to answer him, anyway. He was telling me and I would have to learn.

"I think you forgot your place, didn't you? I think I have to train you to be a better girl for me." Harder, he choked me so that I was bucking underneath his hand, trying to breathe. He was getting angrier and angrier. There was no placating him, I just had to take what he was giving me as punishment. All my apologies were worthless. I just had to wait for it to be over.

My upper body was up off the bed as I tried to get out from under his grip and he twisted his hand to keep his hold on me. "Don't you forget who owns you. Don't you EVER forget that I own you." He bit me hard on my upper arm again and again, then finally threw me down.

He knelt over me, pinning me down, and stroked his cock fast. "You're mine, Kitten. Don't you ever forget that." I started sobbing again, overwhelmed by his anger and his power. I felt like a stupid child for disobeying him. As the tears coursed down my cheeks, he came. He came all over my chest and my stomach. I arched my back to feel his cum wash over me, wash away all that I had done wrong.


tex said...

I thought you had your owners permission? Did it turn you on to know that he could do whatever he wanted to you then? I'm surprised he didn't take your ass.

Kitten said...


I had mentioned it and He thought it was an interesting idea, but I didn't tell him when I started. That was a mistake, obviously.

And yes, I was very aroused by his punishment. More importantly, I have never felt closer to Him.


SongsAbout said...

Aah so your Master didn't know either?
Funny the things we keep. I assume Bear would be mad, too.
Being pushed down on cock though..Nothing better.

Pixiepie said...

oh poor kitten..isn't it awful to be punished. i can take any amount of pain that Richard asks me to take but if he hurts me to teach me a lesson or because i have disappointed him it is so difficult to manage.

it sounded though like your Owner was angry when he punished you...Richard would never punish me in anger. Just an observation. That had to be horrible.

Kitten said...

Songs - Well, he knows now! He's been very understanding about it though, so I will continue on.

Pixie - He was angry but he was very much under control. While I was scared, I knew that he would keep me safe the whole time.