He and I watched a DVD the other night - James Mangold's remake of 3:10 to Yuma. Early in the film, Russell Crowe's character approaches a woman, a barmaid, who is turned away from him and fussing with something behind the bar. He focuses in on her from across the room and saunters up to her in almost a predatory manner. When he has crossed the room, he stands close behind her and speaks into her ear. He puts his hand against the back of her neck and you can see her breath quicken. When he turns her around, she looks up at him with wide eyes and he devours her in a passionate kiss, holding her by the neck the entire time.

"Wow," I whispered under my breath at the end of the scene.

"You liked that, didn't you Kitten?," he chuckled as he watched me out of the corner of his eye.

"Yes. I don't even think Russell Crowe is that attractive, but did you see the way he talked to her? And the way she looked at him?"

"I did. I think she liked it as much as you did." He was getting that hungry look in his eyes and I could see him shifting toward me on the couch.

"Well, maybe she and I are the same type of girl," I smirked.

And in the next scene, the same woman is laying naked on her side on the bed as a fully dressed Russell Crowe sketches her from a chair across the room. He gets up and kneels over her on the bed. She rolls onto her back, tilting her head back as he leans over her to kiss her.

"Yes, I'd say you two are exactly the same type of girl," he said as he moved slowly toward me, pinning me underneath him on the couch.

Or maybe I just see my submission reflected everywhere?


Tex said...

I think you are the same kind of woman. All women respond to power, you are just more in tune to it than others I would think. Thanks for sharing Kitten,

Kitten said...


I have always been drawn to a powerful, confident man. What struck me even more about this was the element of fear that the character inspired in the woman. She seemed a bit frightened by him and, I have to admit, that was a big turn on for me as well :-)


HisGirl said...

Gonna have to go out & rent that movie! -His girl

Kitten said...

hisgirl - It was a very good movie, and not just because of that small (albeit very hot) sequence.

(Plus...Christian Bale is very yummy!)