Recently, I caught some static from a friend who knows some of the details about my relationship with Him. I was very upset by the hurtful things that my friend said about the dynamic between Him and I, particularly the way in which my friend insinuated that I was a weak or sick person for wanting this type of relationship.

I wrote a long, angry post about my feelings and have been staring at the post for days. It was a perfectly reasonable explanation of the relationship that I share with Him, especially the significant non-D/s aspects of our relationship. But now I think that to post what I originally wrote would be giving in to criticism and negativity. That doesn't seem right when this relationship has brought me nothing but happiness and peace.

So instead, I'd like to spread some positivity. THANK YOU to all those who have read, commented and e-mailed. Your support and kind words have strengthened me and your guidance continues to bring me to a place of higher understanding in my submission and in my life in general. I value reading your blogs and experiencing your adventures. And most of all, I hope that you stick with me for the adventures that lay up ahead.



SongsAbout said...

I hate all that 'weak person' bullshit.
And the 'abusive relationship' bullshit.
I don't take shit from any man, I want it from Bear ;)
I have a friend who hates Bear because she sees me as a strong person, but when I'm with Bear she sees me tending to him and she can't handle it.
..Don't vanilla girlfriends do the same? Grr.

tex said...

Songs is right, I will be here to read more and I value your insight. A weak person is taken advantage of a strong person decides to give, there is a huge amount of trust involved and that is beautiful.

Kitten said...

Songs - I know I'm not a weak person. I am the strongest I have ever been in a relationship with Him. What could be wrong about that?

Tex - Thanks for understanding. I know that you really get it.