He bound my wrists with the restraints and laid me across the bed with my hands hanging off the side. He readied the belt, turning it in his hands. Before he began, I called him over to me with my quiet plea: "Daddy?" He crouched on the bed next to me and brushed my hair out of my eyes.

"Yes Kitten?"

"Are you mad at me?," I cried, embarassed by the tears that feel from my eyes. We had had a minor disagreement hours earlier, but I was worried that he was still upset with me.

"Of course not," he murmured. "I'm not mad at you. It's just time for your spanking. You're overdue."

I nodded. I had been desperate for him to hurt me lately.

"Do you trust me?" His eyes were calm, steady.

"Yes," I said immediately and he gently pushed my forehead down toward the mattress. He stood behind me and paused.

Suddenly, he brought the belt down, harder than I had thought possible. He struck the bed inches from my body. I jumped and squealed in fear as he slammed the belt down onto the bed on my other side. I shook with the shock of it.

"Are you ready to count to ten for me Kitten?" I nodded reluctantly and gathered my courage. "Ten across your ass to start."

He began beating me hard, not as hard as he had hit the bed but the threat of the increased impact hung over me. He worked my ass and my back and the backs of my legs. He took a moment to marvel over how red he had made my ass and at the welts on my back, then he turned me over onto my back.

He bound my ankles together with the belt and got out the vibrator and the anal plug. He lifted my ankles and inserted the plug into me, deep into my ass in one quick movement. "Keep your legs up," he ordered as he propped the vibrator against my slit. "Don't move a muscle," he said and off he went in search of something.

I stayed very still, trying not to squirm from the sensations in my pussy and my ass. He returned a few minutes later with a scarf. As he moved toward my head, he picked up the panties he had discarded on the floor hours before. He stuffed the panties in my mouth before tying the scarf around my eyes and practically wrapping my entire head in fabric in the process.

The rest is a blur. Bound and ordered not to move, rendered mute from the panties in my mouth and with my head swaddled, my senses were a blur. I recall the feeling of the plug being slowly pulled out and reinserted, the feeling of the vibrator being pushed into my pussy, filling me up, his fingers twisting my nipples, moaning through the fabric, screaming.

And the release, oh god the release. What I had been craving for days, dreaming about, scheming about. He drew my orgasm out of me until every last ounce of agitation had drained from my body. Every part of me that cried out for pain was now silent, tamed for the moment.


slave karly said...

How lovely! slave really enjoyed the blog.

Claire said...

It does sound like a lovely sessions, I am sure that you slept well that night!

Kitten said...

Thanks for reading and commenting, slave karly.

claire: I did sleep very well that night. And no bad dreams!


sub lyn said...

How absolutely delightful. Mmmm.