Daddy, Part II

He took me to the bathroom so that I could pee for him. He knows how very vulnerable, how small, that makes me feel. He loves that feeling of benign power and trust and honesty between us when I'm feeling small and calling him Daddy.

Our Daddy/little girl dynamic is so interesting to me. It was a longtime fantasy of mine, one that I was hesitant to share with him. But once I did, it fit perfectly into what we already were doing. He always made me feel like he was taking care of me, whether he was pampering me or cruelly hurting me. Now I find myself crying out for Daddy when he spanks me or when he beats me. Of course, there is the grownup, wanton lust part of our dynamic. But the surrender of power that leaves me little and shaking is wonderful too.

So anyway, he brought me out of the bathroom and laid me down on the bed next to him. He started touching me, touching himself. He was talking quietly to me, telling me that I was his good little girl for peeing for him while he stroked my hair. I rolled my hips slowly as he gently massaged my clit and dipped a finger into my pussy. I was biting the nail on the thumb of my right hand to keep from crying out. When he saw that, he moaned with longing. I knew what he was thinking before he even said it and I blushed with shame.

"My little girl," he cooed, "are you going to suck on that thumb?" I looked down. I wanted to, but it seemed too far over the line. We don't do true age-play - not the bath times or the coloring - and this was unexpected. But I did it anyway because, beyond all rational thought, it felt right.

He pulled me closer and looked down at me as I slowly started sucking the tip of my thumb. I turned over onto my stomach and bent my legs up at the knees as I sucked, feeling so little and very ashamed. His eyes raked over me and he stroked himself faster. He groaned and came all over my ass as I arched my back up to meet his come.

I laid my head on his shoulder and sighed. I was worried that he would judge me for doing that, but he just held me and kept me safe.


Claire said...

I can't keep away! I must say that the whole "Daddy/little girl scene" has never really been my thing (but I think that is more to do with my past) but reading this was hot! Was not so much the way that you were addressing each other; it was the dynamic of the whole event! You both seem to compliment each other perfectly.

And as for reading about my journey, no blog for me planned yet.......

Kitten said...

claire: I have done a lot of things in the past year that I never thought I'd do (including blogging!). So who knows what the future holds for either of us?

Anonymous said...

I second that statement, I can't keep away from Kitten either. Imagine how her "Daddy feels" I'm sure he's in heaven.