In My Head

"Kitten, I am just going to put the head in. Are you ready?," He murmured from above me as I laid on the bed on my stomach. I nodded, knowing that he would not stop with just the head. He would put more in, make me take more. But I was ready.

I thought of that quiet place inside me. I held onto it as he lubed up his cock and pushed slowly inside of me. I tried not to focus on the intensity of the sensation but on the feeling of great calm inside my heart. He had asked for his, then demanded it. I owed him this and it was time for him to get his due.

As he continued thrusting deeper inside of me, I started to feel the panic rise in my chest. I began my quiet protest for him to stop, please. "Stay with me, Kitten, stay with me," he soothed quietly from behind me. "You're such a good girl, stay with me."

I relaxed almost immediately, dropping deep into a submissive place for him. I could hear his voice inside my head. You're part of me, Kitten. We're one person, you and me. You're a part of me. He was thinking for me, right inside my brain. He was talking directly to my soul.

When he was finished, we talked quietly as he held me. I was shaking slightly but I was powerfully peaceful at my core. That's when I learned that he had been speaking out loud from his place behind me the entire time. Those words that I had heard inside my head were coming out of his mouth.

It was the oddest feeling, almost paranormal. I could have sworn that he had invaded my mind. I would have bet money that we shared our thoughts at that moment. But maybe instead we were so close, so much a part of each other that it felt like the barriers between ourselves had been obliterated.


Claire said...

Wow............that is all that I can say.

Pixiepie said...

yes...that is how it feel. so nice. :)

Kitten said...

It was an amazing experience. Thanks for your comments, claire and pixie.