He is breaking me, taking little pieces of myself away. I feel lighter every day.

He was handling me roughly, throwing me down on the bed, pinning my head back to ram his cock down my throat, choking me until I felt light-headed. And he was taunting me the whole time, calling me a slut, get on your knees, you little bitch, you dirty whore. He kept at it, getting under my skin, scaring me with the evil look in his eyes.

He wanted me to tell him that I was a slut, repeat those hateful words back to him. I hesitated beneath him. I cried with my head against the floor as he pounded into me from behind.

"Why are you crying, slut?," he demanded between thrusts.

I just shook my head and whimpered.

"Stop whimpering like a little bitch. I don't need to hear anything out of you." I buried my head in my hands and then covered my mouth.

He suddenly pulled out and picked my head up by my hair. "You are a slut, you know that?"

"No, I'm not," I mumbled.

"Oh really? You're not?" He held me by the neck, tight. I didn't dare move. "You're not the girl who fucked strangers? Who sucked off boys while you were on vacation with your ex-boyfriend?"

I lowered my eyes in shame. "Look at me," he demanded. I looked back up at him as tears fell from my eyes.

"You're not the girl who wants two cocks at the same time?" I couldn't deny that. I had asked for that.

"I thought so. You're a slut, you're my little slut. You're my whore, just three wholes for me to fuck. You're nothing but a whore for me to fuck. You're nothing."

I felt the rage well up inside me. I heard my voice scream inside my head: I'M NOT NOTHING! I have a name and a family and friends who love me and a great career. I am so many things. I AM NOT NOTHING.

But I didn't say that, not out loud. I looked into his eyes and felt the will drain out of me. His hand closed over my mouth and he pushed me down onto the floor. I laid there quietly, overcome. When he finally came all over my naked body, I was able to close my eyes. I let the darkness take me away.


slave karly said...

slave loves the way you write, thank you for sharing your journey

Anonymous said...

You are a great writer also Kitten, don't forget that....I come back every day just to see your thoughts.

Kitten said...

Thank you both for your comments. They mean so much to me.